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I'm a bit apprehensive about bringing her in as a roommate, but we do plan on getting married before bedtime and getting ready to get a puppy and then start on something I'm pretty serious about on the outside. I have no idea why she loves me that strongly, and I won't let her do anything about it. However, I do think her best friends just really love her, and they really do want us to. I've met her friends at parties and she was like, Come on, this is really cool… I'm sure this would make it fun… And she did. It works… it goes on to make for a great party for some friends. I don't know why she would like a boyfriend for like 1 month, but if she wants to, then no… It would just be silly to spend 3 nights sleeping with her and then go to Vegas where you can see one more girl from the weekend get kicked out! Plus, she makes a ton of friends. I'll tell you that I find this kind of relationship pretty good as well. I mean, when the guy is like, Yay for you! I feel good with her, but she tells me otherwise. Sometimes she makes me feel great. If you're feeling some jealousy for me, it's because I'm a super sweet little whore.