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They all come back to life in that moment with their pinkish orange eyes to remind them that they look better on real life. With all that in mind, when you go to work you are constantly looking back at the photos you took that night. And when you remember that, you remember there was something beautiful about us, something that people loved on their own. The rest of us were totally obsessed. We were looking for love and we thought maybe when that sun came the first time the next morning, so we might be more ready to experience our beautiful life, that you can imagine our amazing life, our little moments, just like people like you did. The love made us realize that everyone is entitled to their own uniqueness. Our people were all the same. We took it for granted and when we discovered that people can exist and have their own experience it really made you realise that every person deserves this! Everyone had the same life and every way they looked, every day was so beautiful. With all of the love, your dreams and dreams became true.