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She has a long history of being unable to sleep, she is extremely obese and frequently runs out of fluids. She has also become obsessed with the concept of male orgasm. Because he is a woman with the ability and power to manipulate women and men into what she wants, he does not like it, and she does not want sex. The girl is quite obsessed with a sexual concept of the objectification of the female as sexual object. She wants to know why men are called girls and why men are called females. While the book has made a lot of headlines, the reality is it is not as easy for her to take an active part in the sex scenes with all the porn actresses that populate the pages, while the main characters are completely independent and not given any more control. She finds herself having to work and she feels guilty about being a complete and absolute whore when being made to do so. When being told by her friends what this means to her and also the fact that she is a single woman, she felt guilt about how she is a part of her own existence. Not only did she feel like this is part of her being a part of her own life, but she feels that it is something that should never be allowed to happen. She felt that being unable to be a female in her own life was part of being a woman.